Developing Teamwork


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CPD Units: 1
Developing Teamwork is all about building stronger relationships within your team by getting to know each other better and creating the foundations for an exceptionally high performing group of people. This course will start by explaining in detail what team working is and cover some of the basic principles for putting together a group of people who will work well together. It then goes on to cover conflict within teams, explaining some of the reasons conflict occurs and some strategies for managing conflict. It finishes off by exploring some of the different styles of management behaviour and how to develop a resilient team.

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30 minutes

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Module Number Module Name Pass Required
1 What is Team Working? 70%
2 Conflict 70%
3 Management Behaviour 70%
4 Resilience 70%
Module Name What is Team Working?
Module Number 1
Pass Required 70%
Module Name Conflict
Module Number 2
Pass Required 70%
Module Name Management Behaviour
Module Number 3
Pass Required 70%
Module Name Resilience
Module Number 4
Pass Required 70%
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