🎮 New PS5 Slim On The Way 🎮

Sony has introduced a new, slimmer version of the PS5, although they prefer not to call it the PS5 Slim. In an official blog post, Sony announces that the revised console will be called the ‘new PS5.’ It boasts an 18% weight reduction for the Digital console and 24% for the Disc drive model. Despite these changes, internal components remain the same, except for an upgraded 1TB SSD replacing the initial 825GB model.

Confirming a notable rumour, the redesigned PS5 now includes an external disc drive, eliminating the need to choose between a standard PS5 with an optical drive and the PS5 Digital Edition. Gamers can opt for the more affordable digital edition and later attach an Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive if they decide to play physical games.

We’ll update our page as soon as we have one in our mitts!