No one should be left behind in a digital UK

David Barker – CEO

About Techcentre

Techcentre’s mission is to ensure everyone has the skills, experience and opportunities to thrive in a digital UK.

To achieve this, Techcentre has three key services:


Developing the skills people need for the modern workplace.


Placing people from our training programmes into work experience to develop their potential.


Recruiting individuals, project teams and suppliers for our client requirements.

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Latest projects our people are working on with clients

The Digital Divide Fund

Tackling digital disadvantage

The Digital Divide Fund has been setup to help buy devices and connections for the most disadvantaged students in schools who are suffering device poverty..

The Volunteering Platform

Giving schools access to volunteers

The Volunteering Platform brings together volunteers from Livery Companies and Guilds to help schools with career talks, employability days, extracurricular activities and school governance.

Charity IT Association

Helping charities with technology

The Charity IT Association (CITA) introduces charities looking to improve their technology capabilities to volunteers with appropriate IT skills and experience.

Testimonials on the successful work achieved by people placed with our clients

Tackling digital disadvantage

We have been able to provide 26 laptops and 8 dongles with prepayment for students. Education is a ladder to success for many students and this enables them to continue with their school work and give them a better foundation for the future.

Teresa Crowley, Careers Leader
Notre Dame School

Tackling graduate unemployment

As we look to innovate in the area of work experience, Placer's attractive, simple and effective mobile app will help us reach a broader set of universities and widen student participation across the UK.

Stephanie Bishop, Head of Graduate Recruitment
Cap Gemini

Giving schools access to volunteers

Several students stayed after the talk, one of them saying the speaker's message has 'changed her life' given that she was unsure what post-16 route to take and she has clearly taken inspiration from the speaker!

Amar Sangha, Teacher
William Perkin School