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Controller Repairs

Your trusty controller doesn’t just decide to clock out during a mundane moment. Oh no, it picks the most epic battles, right in the middle of a CoD Campaign or during the nail-biting finale of your FIFA season. But fear not, fellow gamer! We can get that smoothed our with our controller repair service.

Enter the arena of Tech Centre’s controller repair service,  the ultimate power-up to get your controllers or Joy-Cons back in the game within a swift 7 working days. Our squad of expert engineers doesn’t mess around; they wield high-grade parts and components to ensure you’re back in action with the confidence of a gaming champion.

And here’s the game-changer: a solid 2-year warranty and a ‘no fix, no fee’ promise. Because when Tech Centre works its magic on your controller repair, it’s not just a fix; it’s a commitment to keep you slaying levels for an epic gaming saga. Your controller’s comeback starts now!

We can repair Nintendo controllers/Nintendo Joy-cons, Playstation controllers and Xbox controllers.

With 100's of stores nationwide their is always a "Controller repair near me" for you.

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No Fix, No Fee

If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that.


2-Year Warranty

A whopping two-year warranty on all our repairs.


Speedy Turnaround

Our standard repair takes up to 7 working days.


Online Tracking

SMS, email updates and realtime online tracking.