Nintendo Switch Lite Repair

Released in 2006, the Nintendo DS Lite is compact and lighter in design compared to the original Nintendo DS.

Embark on a gaming odyssey with the Nintendo Switch Lite, the ultimate companion in the gaming realm!

Even the mightiest heroes can face a glitch or two. If your Nintendo Switch Lite is acting up, fret not, the journey to a fix begins at Tech Centre!

Our gaming artisans work their magic in a swift 7-day service, faster than a warp pipe shortcut. And here’s the epic twist, it’s as effortless as executing a flawless combo move. Just teleport to your local CeX Store, schedule your device for a legendary repair, and we’ll have it back to you, all polished and primed for the next level of the saga.

No need for cheat codes here, we’re all about a seamless 7-day service to keep your gaming adventure flowing. Let’s banish those glitches and get back to the quest.

With 100's of stores nationwide their is always a "Nintendo Switch Lite repair near me" for you.

Lens Flare

Europe's Leading Game Console Repair Specialists


No Fix, No Fee

If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that.


2-Year Warranty

A whopping two-year warranty on all our repairs.


Speedy Turnaround

Our standard repair takes up to 7 working days.


Online Tracking

SMS, email updates and realtime online tracking.