A solution is there to be discovered

David Barker – CEO

The social innovation agency

At Techcentre we innovate new social enterprise start-ups in partnership with clients to tackle issues we face in society.

We work alongside our clients to innovate, seek investment and deliver solutions that empower them to fulfil their mission.

The Volunteering Platform

Giving schools access to volunteers

The Volunteering Platform brings togeher volunteers from Livery Companies, membership organisations and employers to help schools with career talks, employability days, extracurricular activities and school governance.


Democratising work experience

Too many students graduate into unemployment or underemployment. This is what led us to innovate Placer, a new business model that works with Universities to scale up work experience to increase student employability to move into worth while work.

Charity IT Association

Mobilising technology volunteers into charities

We innovated a simple, easy-to-consume entry point for Charities to engage with the Volunteers who were willing to help them to get more advantage from their IT. Our vision is a world in which Charities are able to harness the full potential of technology to increase their potential for good.

Finding more survivors online

You have done an incredible job bringing Survivors Uk into the 21st century. Your expertise and energy made the process really exciting and something the team can be proud of.

Jody Kozak
Survivors UK

Implemented a digital skills marketplace

Your Project Director started with clarity of objectives and remained focused on the necessary elements of delivery while constantly re-evaluating options and opportunities. He was intelligent, honest and extraordinarily productive, but it was his broad technical know-how coupled with his business acumen that marked him out.

Graham Leigh,
Skills – Third Sector

Digital product design and launch

You have done a fantastic job for us in building and launching the Charity IT Association website. Proactive, creative and flexible: you truly justify the term “partner” rather than just ”vendor”.

Gary Moore
Charity IT Association